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      Bimetallic contribution of technology to the plastic industry
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      As we all know, materials, energy and information are the three cornerstones of modern industrial development, its level of development, represents a country's overall development capacity in science and technology. In materials science, bi-metal technology is a very important tool to increase machine component life, it is an ordinary metal material as the parent, and in the working surface of the mechanical components of the composite alloy layer additionally has a special role, with the to improve the anti-wear, anti-corrosion properties of the components, increase the service life of components. In most economical material structure, to achieve the highest economic efficiency, bimetallic technology have become a driving force behind the countries in the world community sought-after material.
      As an emerging, there is tremendous potential for development of new technology, bi-metal technology are all areas of China's industrial development show an increasingly important role.
      In the field of plastics processing, with the rapid development of the plastic processing industry, a variety of new modified plastic materials are emerging. In the high strength reinforcing plastic materials, it is often added such as carbon, asbestos, glass, boron and other reinforcing fibers; In addition, in order to obtain special properties, or to reduce production costs and other purposes, a plastic resin and often require a certain proportion of added various fillers, such as chalk, silica, barite white, clay, cellulose, mica, talc, alumina and metal powders. These reinforcing agents, fillers, and inorganic coloring agent is added, or recycled plastics recycling when sediment contamination of the machine, all exacerbated by the plastic extrusion machines, plastic injection machine heart parts - melt barrel and the feed screw corrosion or wear failure, so that the decline in productivity and processing machinery, unstable product quality, repair machinery and replace parts of the number, cost increases, a significant impact on the economic benefits of each plastic processing industry enterprises. Production situation is increasingly urgent appeal: with high wear resistance, corrosion resistance bimetallic barrel and screw barrel screw instead of a conventional nitriding treatment as the heart of the machine parts and prolong the service life of the machine.
      So, what are bimetallic barrels it? With different types of high wear-resistant alloy or composite materials high corrosion in the barrel (or cylinder as a sol) of the bore surface as the working layer. Alloy material thickness of 2.0 to 3.0 mm, the Rockwell hardness is generally 60 degrees or more, and then processed barrel through a special machine, is the bimetallic barrels; and bimetallic screw is in particular its spiral ribs work surface, or in its entire spiral edge Face composite layer thickness is 1.0 to 2.0 mm special alloy (the alloy Rockwell hardness is generally above 58 degrees), screw machine made by a special machine. Bimetallic barrels and unique advantages of bimetallic screw is that it is less than 1 times higher than the average nitrided screw and barrel sale price, while the theoretical life of 4 times or ordinary nitrided screw and barrel or more, the price is quite significant .
      In the United States, manufacturers of plastics processing industry, more than 95% of extruders and more than 75% of the injection machines are bimetallic barrels and double metal screw as the heart of the machine parts, a famous professional manufacturers have XALOY (Exeter Salou) company; in Europe, all single-screw extruder manufacturers, 60% of metal products manufacturers to provide double to choose from, only 30% of the manufacturer to provide a bimetallic product installed. Famous professional manufacturers are: British BROOKES (Brooks), Germany KRAUSS-MAFFEI (Krauss-Maffei, KRUPP (Krupp) Company .REIFENHAUSOR (Reifenh?user), Italy's OMG (Ao Mage) company, Swiss BERNEX (Fox) companies, while in Asia, double metal product usage is low, few are dependent on imports, with the exception of Japan Steel Works, Kobe Steel, Shanghai rehabilitation of Machinery Manufacturing Co., Taiwan Star company and a few other vendors to develop and manufacture a full-time dual-metal products, very few other professional suppliers of. the majority of the market demand and rapid economic development, so that supply and demand in the region is rising.
      Α series alloys are used for forming bimetallic barrel, the Shanghai Machinery Manufacturing Co. optimization rehabilitation American XALOY company "X" series alloys, Switzerland Fox's "BERNEX" series alloys, Japan's Hitachi Metals, Ltd. director of the "H" series alloys, the research developed is suitable for low-cost production, high-quality, durable require distinctive Face hardened alloy series. The alloy series is divided into three categories, six varieties: excellent wear resistance, low production costs and can completely replace the nitride product α101 series alloy which is suitable for ordinary plastic add enhancer, the fill material forming; Corrosion-resistant, in particular resistant to various types of weak acid α201 series alloys, for applications such as PTFE, PVC, PMMA, CP, forming corrosive plastics PPS or the like; and when the above-corrosive plastic during the forming process, When they need to be inserted to enhance or filling component, the machine not only made corrosion resistant requirements, and more wear-resistant requirements put forward, then, α301 series alloy that is the best choice for users.
      As the plastic processing industry to flourish in mainland China, all plastic manufacturers intrinsic quality of the production of plastic products, plastic production for the growing economic importance. The aspect of the problem is that China's early introduction of up to several billion plastic extruders and plastic injection machines, plus various similar machines early years of each company's own production of plastic machinery, are gradually entering the renewal period, which the formation of a huge update and market plastic machine. In this process, the bimetallic technology has played an important role. In the bush the way in the old barrel liner into the double metal barrel, while in the old screw spiral edge surface has worn it with a layer of special wear-resistant alloys, the use of such technology bimetallic barrel screw renovation its material structure has become a bi-metal form, and through the heart of this method to update these components even longer than the life of the new nitriding part of the original purchase. For large-scale extrusion production lines, and large injection molding machine, the significance of economic problems is not simply a factory, and even to the national economy, low-cost, high-speed development of the overall situation.
      China's industrial areas, economic losses due to material failure and caused millions of dollars every year. Waits for no man, and we look forward to the plastic processing industry in the field of bi-metal technology in our country, in our other various industrial fields, able to adapt to market demand and further rapid development ushered in China's industrial development process in a more brilliant tomorrow.

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