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      Bimetallic barrel
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      Bimetallic barrel is in the barrel inner wall of the spray wear 1-2mm layer of corrosion-resistant, high temperature alloys, the effective life greatly improved than conventional nitriding barrel increase wear life. For processing plastic, polysulfone, PPO special type of plastic, PVC formulations and other high calcium superiority bimetal is particularly evident. Outer base cylinder: 40Cr, 45 # steel; alloy layer thickness: 1.5-4mm; Gloss: Excellent.
      The company due to improvements in technology will continue to change the recipe, the table parameters, for reference only.
      Product specifications and technical indicators:
      Bimetallic screw thread from the previous PTA spray alloys, updating equipment using high-pressure speed (HP / HVOP) full alloy coated in spray technology. WPT1 corrosion resistant alloys for nylon, PVC, PC, PMMA, etc., WPT2 wear-resistant alloys for high temperature resistant glass fiber nylon, magnetic, aluminum and magnesium powder, bakelite injection molding, WPT3 both WPT1, WPT2 two properties, corrosion resistant, high temperature.
      Melt double alloy cylinder aspect, from the previous 10% tungsten alloy containing up to 30% and 50% tungsten carbide, machine length has increased from 3000mm to 4000mm.

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