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      Injection molding machine screw barrel routine maintenance
      Author:admin  From:The Internet  Time:2015-7-19 8:34:36  Click:2736

      Routine maintenance cartridge
      1、the barrel of the screw does not reach pre-set temperature, do not start the machine.
      2、to prevent metal fragments and debris falling into the hopper, if the processing of recycled materials, plus the need to prevent iron and other magnetic hopper into the barrel.
      3、the use of anti-saliva to determine the cylinder completely melted plastic to avoid damage to transmission parts the screw back.
      4、the use of new plastic, the barrel should be cleaned more than expected.
      5、when the temperature of the molten plastic injection products normally but continue to find black spots or discoloration, you should check the screw a plastic head, over apron, a plastic meson for wear.
      6、injection molding, plastics uniform as possible so that the material to reduce the transmission torque screw affordable, improve their life.

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